Content creation

Content Creation

 Producing content on a consistent basis is the key to staying in the conversation with your customers and users. Jordan takes hold of your content strategy and helps your brand produce native video, photo, and audio that tell your brand's story.  

One Week Plan

One week plan is one of the basic plans we have through which you can buy content for a week. We will suggest you completely about the kit to be used (on request). We charge Rs. 500/- for this plan.

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One Month Plan

We suggest you one month plan for buying your content because it consists of package (kits to be used, tips for promoting, hashtags & so on). We charge Rs. 1899/- for this plan.

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Are you a Premium Member

Use this if you are premium member we provide 10% to 25% discounts on the content you buy.  Mail Your Premium Membership card (.png recommended) for the first time to activate your discounts. Mail to

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