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Oneplus 6 review 256 GB | (2018)| Tech review #5 

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MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K @ 3000 ₹ || action camera || #2

 This is one of the most affordable action camera you can get in this market from allover the world for this price.  

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X-Cam SIGHT 2 (2018)|| #3

 This is the best budget gimbal for your smart phone under very best and cheap price. Please check out the review where we showed  how to setup the gimbal for every day use also with the video footage of the phone held in the gimbal.    

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Best cooling pad for gaming laptop || Review (2018)|| #4

 Best cooling pad for gaming laptop - this review is all about the Cosmic Byte Comet Laptop Cooling Pad which is by far the most awesome cooling pad i ever used  just because of its size and strong build quality i highly recommend this to all of you watching this video  it also keeps the laptop relatively at lower temperature with minimum noise.

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YUNTENG VCT690 Tripod Review || Tech Review #1

In this video we had explained about using the YUNTENG VCT690 Tripod in brief. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask, please leave as a comment in the comment session. We will be answering your queries in the upcoming videos.

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